about us


We are happy that we are witnessing an increasing trend in the worldwide demand for porcelain, ceramics and glass. As seen in every growing market, new players are joining this sector in the process. When evaluated as a whole, it becomes more difficult to find those who have held on in the sector, achieved the quality standard and thus provide uninterrupted customer satisfaction. Supply and quality have become increasingly rare features for domestic and international demand.

We have been in the production and sale of ceramics and porcelain for decades. We have experienced every stage of it, starting from the raw material, shaping, decorating and packaging. Along with exports, we supplied plenty of products to the stores that appeal to the upper consumer group.

In Turkey, which has a respectable place in the world in ceramic and porcelain products, we are among those who have a background in this field and know it. Among these products, which are used in many fields, we focused on those that will add pleasure, convenience and art to people’s lives.


We decided to move our products to the internet one by one over time. Now, we are pleased to offer direct access to all our esteemed customers, both wholesale and retail, from here. We also agree with export requests. To talk about our approach here, it is that we appeal to those who seek soul and quality in such products.

Ultimately, we choose our products as having features that will add richness, elegance and art to spaces and environments along with their functionality. Among these, there are mugs, cups and others that we offer with mass production, as well as handcrafted ceramic and porcelain pieces, each of which gains personality with the individual touch and decoration of the artists.

The second and bigger reason is to be able to offer our products directly instead of market places. Because in such places, you do not have the chance to show your voice and quality as you wish, quality is often overlooked, and moreover, it brings a serious cost increase. We hope and prefer our customers to reach us from here.


We want our customers to choose us and do so for the right reasons. We wish these reasons to materialize around quality, functionality, art and elegance and ultimately customer satisfaction.

Have a good business and a good shopping.