Eros vase


Eros mosaic on the hippocampus, MS. It is a floor mosaic, probably from the first half of the 3rd century, excavated during excavations in Adana Yumurtalık excavations. Four different figures form the mythological theme in the center of the panel, which is located in the middle of the mosaic and surrounded by a large frame belt. Two hippocampus depict Eros figures representing fish of different ages and sizes. In their hands they hold fishing rods and fish, which they catch as objects at the ends of the fishing rods. The yellow one at the ends of the fishing rods is believed to be a mullet, the other a sea bass, and the free-standing lagoon fish a Mediterranean perch. A funnel-shaped shell also draws attention to the panel.

This mosaic is important in that it is the only example of Eros on the hypocampus.

The Eros vase is made of handmade caramel glass. All the relief patterns on it are handmade and gilded with 24-karat gold, and each of the mosaic pieces is painted with a special glass color.

*Hippocampus is a winged or wingless sea creature that is half horse and half fish. He serves Poseidon along with other sea creatures.

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