Fill Embroidered Pitcher


Fill Embroidered PITCHER

A floral-patterned ewer where green meets dense fillings on a darkened surface. The tulips, which take shape with successive touches, give spirit to the PİCHER with their compositions. The curved filling embellishments you will find on its handle and spout are in harmony with the ever-changing volume in ever-widening lines.
With his stance, he is almost ready to shout out what’s inside. It is a piece that will add meaning and identity to the environment with its design and elegance-loaded structure that the people in the environment will always want to see.
The ewer, accompanied by the ornaments on its cover, is special on its own, but the base on which it will be placed is also worth mentioning. The saturation of its color and the vitality of the tulip on it also attract attention. It is as if the tulips are born from the soil and hug the body of the ewer. This ambitious couple comes across as two pieces that have been crafted with such care and identity that they deserve a corner together.

*It is dishwasher safe for 50+ times.

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