Gold Green Pitcher


Gold Green Pitcher

It is completely handmade.
The pitcher, which has acquired an elegant outfit with its gold and silver ornaments, is actually the most prominent aspect of its identity, and it has been included among the selected pieces with its elegance. With its long and slightly curved spout, and its delicate handle, it embodies all the nobility a pitcher can have.
The silver areas framed with gilding on its cover clearly indicate that the ewer preserves its care from beginning to end.
This special pitcher also makes the place where it will be placed special, and together with its base, which is as careful and sensitive as itself, it creates an elegant couple.
While tulips blowing in the wind surround the entire chamber of the ewer, movement and elegance meet in harmony.
Combining their brilliance with gilding and silver, these two pieces deserve a special place in their space.

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