Your home. It’s the place you return to every day. Well, until 2 years ago it was, now you spend most of your time there because of the pandemic. Anyway, it’s your base. And you want to make it more beautiful and give it more meaning. That’s called decorating. There are countless ways to decorate your home, but if you want to give it elegance, art, mastery and a soul, you should keep reading. Because you’ll be able to do it in the shortest way possible.

Whether it’s a new house or you’re want to remodel your living space, you need something worth replacing your current decor. Good luck in a world of home decor where there are thousands of designers and even more design options. It’s not easy to decide on what you like best. At this stage you’ve to weigh everything, because there are some factors to consider, such as the budget, the length of the construction period… Finding a designer and deciding how you want to furnish your house will cause you a lot of headaches. When you’re done with that, you’re halfway there.


First of all, you should ask yourself this question: Am ı satisfied with the result?

The home decorating effort goes hand in hand with the interior design, but after that, it’s on to the next level, and that’s a fantastic thing. You pick your design, gather your frames, decide if you want brick or drywall, choose the paint, rearrange the furniture… After several days and a lot of construction, the day arrives. You look at your finished house. Perhaps at that moment, you may have one of the following two feelings. Feeling one: “What’ve I done? Feeling two: “Something still needs to be added or taken out”. Because this feeling of completeness rarely presents itself. It’s the reason furniture stores exist. Everyone is constantly changing their living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and offices. It is because of the missing piece of home decoration.

Even if you love your newly designed and redecorated home, over time you’ll want to touch it again. But the question is, what’ll you replace or add next time? Bigger frames, fancier chandeliers, a different color for the walls?

We know there are options that will save you that unsatisfied feeling and keep you from spending more money for the same reason.


If you are not happy with your new home, you still have plenty of options. It’s not a dress you can return, but you can still improve it to your liking. If you’re having your home redecorated, you shouldn’t wait until it’s finished. You should keep a few things in mind.

golden rules of decoratıon

  • Find out what feelings your current home or office decor triggers in you.
  • Understand what you really want to change.
  • Describe what kind of environment you crave.
  • Don’t get wrapped up in design fads that will be outdated in a short time.
  • Excessive additions should be avoided.
  • A higher budget doesn’t necessarily mean a better design.
  • Know that your designer’s main job is to understand your motif.
golden rule

Maybe you’re bored; maybe it’s become gloomy over time. Many factors can cause you to have no feeling. Do you know what it’s? If not, try to imagine the feeling you’ve when you’re at home. Boredom, gloom, tiredness, bad memories or just the desire for a change. This feeling will be your main creator in this fun adventure.


We invite you to think about it again: are you sure you just don’t want to let your coffee table out of your sight? If that’s the case, put it next to a trash can. Either way, if you’re craving a fresh feel with all new amenities and modern technology, let the journey begin. The next time you walk into your home or office, you’ll know you’re entering a familiar yet new place.


This is your chance to get this change right. What do you want to see and feel when you get home? That will be the right answer for the design. Coziness? Serenity? Simplicity? Modernity? Generosity? Or whatever you want. Once that’s clear, the way is clear.


After two years, when no one is talking about the idea of well-being or the “new” stuff anymore, you’ll find that you’ve fallen for something you don’t like at all because of the content of the mass media and advertising. So think again after you’ve thought. It’s the details that make the whole thing. Take some time to think about the details.


You know people who wear pink socks under a green suit, don’t do that to your home or office. This isn’t a law, of course, but is called common sense and eyecare. Just because you like something doesn’t mean it’s to match your new design. Don’t ruin the flow. Take off those socks, get the right suit, I mean get a matching frame or build a corner together with the design for your must-have piece. There’s a solution. Don’t forget that decorating also means removing the superfluous.


You can see this everywhere. There are plenty of multi- million dollar mansions you’ll want to stay away from. You don’t need to know how, you need to know what to spend on it. Pouring money into a design and missing the old one afterwards is a risk you need to escape. The budget becomes more important when choosing the material. The quality of the material determines the lifespan of everything. People tend to keep what’s good for them and quality is the biggest helper here. So, if you’ve a budget for durable material and valuable items, you should use it. These things will stay with you even after your kids are grandparents.


We don’t want to leave any part out, and one of the most important is your geographic location. Remember that there are homes called chalets, lodges, villas and such. And why? Because they’re the most appropriate type of accommodation depending on your location. There’s a logic and experience based on several thousand years. So a chalet by the sea is a no-go. The same goes for the interior design. Here, in the end, it’s up to your designer. For the rest, you’re the requester. Your designer will take your wishes into account and implement them in the interior design. Don’t let someone take over your idea of changing your house. He’ll guide you and nod at every step.


There’s always something beyond this effort to find and place the missing piece.
embossed ceramic vase
Historic Vase
Elegant, valuable, loaded with delicate art and conveys messages.






Crown the new decoration of your home and complete it with the durable and handmade ceramic or glass objects.
Elegant Gift Handmade Ceramic

Earth and fire shape the thousands of year old traditions and craftsmanship make it esthetically pleasing, uniting body and soul. This unity carries various messages such as joy, happiness, serenity, peace, authority, dynamism and many more. Meaningful designs, bright colors, delicate attitude. Your home or office will gain respect and identity if you’ve one of them in them.
Indeed, the understanding of art isn’t commonplace. Art needs a home that it cared therefore it completes the environment. If it’s missing in a place, it’s the missing piece, you can be sure.

Look at these beauties. They’ll add soul to your home. Vases, jugs, bowls, plates, candleholders…

Fire and sand also shape another artistic piece. Glass becomes an undeniably elegant and delicate art object when experienced hands and tamed fire touch it. Historic shapes, peaceful colors, an attitude that reflects its energy… These are just some of the features you can accommodate in your home or office with a single craft of glass.

handmade ceramic plate
ceramic platter
handmade ceramic platter
Altın Yeşil Sürahi

What makes them so rare isn’t because of a plan, but because of the lack of opportunity to bring together all the artists and the highest quality material and write history together with fire and glass. What piece of art do you want to hold in your hands and keep in your favorite corner of the house?

It’s usually the missing pieces. Complete your home with art, not fabricated lamps.


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